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We live in an era of globalization. Technology connects people from all over the world on both personal and professional level. In business, being able to communicate with the type of experts that you need – and recruit them in your team – is a must. The stronger your team is, the greater the results.

When more web designers work together on the same project, then the end result will contain something of each. It’s the best way to come up with an effective and original product. In addition, it becomes unlikely for you to ever miss a deadline again if more people work together to reach it. Yet, for any collaborative project to succeed, it has to be managed well.

The measure of success is determined by your organizational skills. Hence, planning and then carrying out a project with the help of some form of proficient management tool can make all the difference in the world. In other words, you need team collaboration software that supports your business all the way.

The problem with most of the existing management solutions is their rigidity. In theory, a project runs its course according to plan. However, once it kicks off, many things can alter the initial scheme. You may need to reassign some tasks, or your distributor runs late, so you have to rethink everything and postpone the delivery date. It’s not easy to integrate changes in an ongoing process with your average software. You would first have to duplicate your project, and then change what you must, disable running processes, and finally enable the new scheme. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, there is a tool that doesn’t put you through all that. Meet Comindware Project built on top of Comindware Team Network, the enterprise social tool designed to deliver context of work. Once you’ve set up a Company Directory and an Organizational Chart, it’s a breeze to find any of your co-workers and assign tasks to the right people, in accordance with their individual skills. Also, you have the option to instate monthly and yearly awards – or just say ‘Thank You’ – to keep your team constantly motivated.





Looking deeper into the perks of working with Comindware Team Network, it’s so liberating to be able to optimize team communication in one central place. You can manage documents here, as well as set up specific rooms to address specific matters related to your project.

3Comindware Project is bound to increase your productivity, and you can operate it directly from MS Outlook. To jump-start a project, use the visual Work Breakdown Structure: simply drag-and-drop tasks, set priorities, and the software plans automatically by drawing on your priorities. Afterwards, you may add details as you go, and a real-time Gantt-chart keeps close watch on task completion to perpetually recalculate the project.


It’s unspeakably convenient. Start a Cloud/On-Premise trial, and get a first-hand feel of the many benefits that come with this accomplished tool for collaborative projects.


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